Chilipili Gombe is a 10 feet tall doll which is colorful by decoration. the decoration is inspired by kathakali of kerala. The total team comprises of keel kudure( dummy horse dance), Karaga kunitha , band, 10 feet doll. The number of artist are 20 persons

Somana Kunitha

Somana Kunitha is a formal move performed by a few craftsmen with big masks. Just men are allowed to play out this move and they are called sOmas. They are depended with the twin assignments of guarding the town gods and revering them

Keelu kudure

It is an impersonation of the developments of a horse, by people with a contraption made to look like a horse. The words actually signify 'a horse on false legs'. The artists are joined to a fake horse at the abdomen. Rather than four legs of a horse just two legs of a man with a prop on his body are seen. The creation of a pivoted horse is without anyone else a society craftsmanship.